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With the victory of France on Romania 2-1 started the edition 2016 of the UEFA European championships in France from June 10 to July 10.

This section will be dedicated to the European Championship 2016 in France and of course to all the EURO 2016 tips.
The qualification phase has reserved sensational newcomers but also many outgoing formations: it will be a European anything to go for fans and not only. Twenty four national who will compete in six different groups, each consisting of four teams. It will enter in the final phase the first two teams of each group plus the four best third.

euro 2016
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The opening game between France and Romania will be played at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis which will also host the final: the stade of the French capital has grown accustomed to big games where in 1998 was played the final between France and Brazil, and the final of Champions League in 2006.
Europeans will take place in ten different cities in which will play a minimum of four races divided as divided: three matches of the group stage and a knockout challenge. The calendar has been compiled so that the teams that qualify from the same group will battle exclusively in the final.
In this link also Statistics, Standings and tips on euro 2016

Under, in the details, the days with the teams qualified:

france 2016 group A

In group A we have France, the host team of this edition of Europeans, Albania, Romania and Switzerland. The favorites of this group are France and Switzerland with Romania possible outsiders. These are the odds winning Group A before the start of the Europeans: 

France: 1,36 - Switzerland: 4,50 - Romania: 9,00 - Albania: 26,00

france 2016 group B

In Group B we have England, Russia, Wales, Slovakia. Wales and Slovakia are the two candidate teams not to go through.

These are the odds of winning Group B before the start of the Europeans:

England: 1,83 - Russia: 4,33 - Wales: 4,50 - Slovakia: 10,00

france 2016 group C

In Group C we have Germany, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Poland. Germany clearly the favorite to win the group with Poland second, outsider Ukraine, with almost no hope of going through Northern Ireland.

These are the odds of winning Group C before the start of the Europeans:

Germany: 1,40 - Poland: 4,50 - Ukraine: 9,50 - Northern Ireland: 21,00

france 2016 group D

In Group D we have Spain, current holder of the title of European champion, Turkey, Czech Republic and Croatia, with Spain super favored with Turkey, Croatia and Czech Republic contending for second place.

These are the odds of winning Group D before the start of the Europeans:

Spain: 1,57 - Croatia: 4,00 - Czech Republic: 10,00 - Turkey: 10,00

france 2016 gruppo e  In Group E are present Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland Sweden, this is probably the most level group from the point of view of performance with Belgium and Italy favored for direct passage, but by no means underestimate the Sweden, the Republic of Ireland is likely to be the Cinderella of the group.

These are the odds of winning Group E before the start of the Europeans:

Belgium: 2,10 - Italy: 2,62 - Sweden: 7,00 - Ireland: 11,00

euro 2016 group F In Group F there are Portugal, Iceland, Austria e Hungary, with Portugal and Austria accredited to the next round but Iceland and Hungary does not depart defeats and could offer a few pleasant surprises.

These are the odds of winning Group F before the start of the Europeans:

Portugal: 1,83 - Austria: 3,25 - Iceland: 6.00 - Hungary: 13,00

Now reconstruct how the teams listed above have qualified.
In Group A
the Czech Republic finished in first place with 22 points, followed by surprising Iceland two points behind. Turkey qualified as the best third. Out incredibly from games the Holland that ended to fourth place.
In Group B the Belgium has finished in first place as forecast, followed by Wales. Out the Bosnia of Dzeko eliminated in the playoffs by Ireland.
In Group C Spain and Slovakia have prevailed on Ukraine then who qualified to the playoffs by beating Slovenia.
In Group D Germany and Poland have given show closing, respectively, to 22 and 21 points. The Poles also had the best attack of all rounds with 33 goals scored in 10 games.
In Group E England has redeemed the poor world-cup in Brazil winning all ten matches. Best defense of all the group by the British with just three goals conceded. Switzerland in second place with 21 points.
In Group F battle to the end for the first place between Northern Ireland and Romania, with Nordic that had the best, Romanians seconds at one point and never defeated. Hungary, third classificatasi, has centered qualification that was missing for many years by beating the play-offs, the most rated Norway. The stock of the Magyars in recent years has made great strides and the enterprise of the National is one example.
In Group G everything easy for Austria who finished at 28 points with no defeat. Russia second, Sweden third, but won the play-offs thanks to a super Ibrahimovic against Denmark.
In Group H Italy in first place and never defeated, second the Croatia.
Finally in group I first place for Portugal capable of leading in fluency, second historic qualification for Albania capable of putting behind the most quoted Denmark and Serbia.
France qualified as host country.


National favored by bookmakers in this moment are two: Germany and France departing on the same step. Slightly more secluded the Spain. The Germans are the champions of the world and also in the last two years have shown their strength and competitiveness in every department. La France has made great strides, it is the national organizer of the tournament and good Group. The French arrived in Brazil until the quarter-finals and with the various Pogba, Griezmann and Martial win would not seem a utopia.

Spain is at the center of a generational shift that still is not completed entirely, but remains a national level. Without Puyol Xavi and Villa to name a few red furies have lost a lot, but still in good squad of players that from 2008 to 2012 have won everything there was to win. The Belgium, always first fifa ranking, is given as a possible outsider given the great backbone of the team Wilmots. England and Italy follow with the English who come from ten officers straight wins and big sweep, while Italyni are veterans of the good work done by Conte and pink there are good elements that could lead to a great national achievement. The farewell already communicated by Conte at European order could lead our national team to give 110%, exactly as the coach wants. A farewell with victory also put an end to all the controversy triggered after the decision of the former coach of Juventus.

Here are the odds on national mentioned above that at the moment the major bookmakers offer on the market.
William Hill share the victory of France at 3.75, the Germany is given in 4:33. The other national in the following way: 6.50 Spain, Belgium to 11, 13 to England, Italy to 17.
The SNAI instead share equally (4.00) is the Germany that France. The Spain is given to 5.50, Belgium and England at 10, 16 in Italy.
Eurobet, like SNAI, share 4 the final victory of France and Germany. The Spain is given to 6.25, Belgium and England to 10, even in Italy 17.
Bwin share the victory of France and Germany at 4.40, the Spain is given at 6.50, 10 Belgium, England and Italy at 14 to 17 (as Eurobet).
Paddy Power is pushing for the victory of the Germans: the world champion Germany is given in 4.30, very little difference for France given to 4.40. The final victory of Spain is listed at 6, England and Belgium 10, Italy 15.

Portugal, Poland and Austria may be the surprises of this tournament. With players of the caliber of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewandoski and Alaba you might think big. The mentioned players are in a great condition, dreaming does not cost anything.

Here is the full match schedule, including time, stadium and grouping:

Friday 10 June, 21.00 (St-Denis): France - Romania – Group A     Final results 2-1
Saturday 11 June, 15.00 (Lens): Albania - Switzerland – Group A 
Saturday 11 June, 18.00 (Bordeaux): Wales - Slovakia – Group B 
Saturday 11 June, 21.00 (Marsiglia): England - Russia – Group B 
Sunday 12 June, 15.00 (Parigi): Turkey - Croatia – Group D 
Sunday 12 June, 18.00 (Nizza): Poland - Northern Ireland – Group C 
Sunday 12 June, 21.00 (Lille): Germany - Ukraine – Group C
Monday 13 June, 15.00 (Tolosa): Spain - Czech Republic – Group D 
Monday 13 June, 18.00 (St-Denis): Republic of Ireland - Sweden – Group E 
Monday 13 June, 21.00 (Lione): Belgium - Italy – Group E
Tuesday 14 June, 18.00 (Bordeaux): Austria - Hungary – Group F
Tuesday 14 June, 21.00 (St-Etienne): Portugal - Iceland – Group F

Wednesday 15 June, 15.00 (Lille): Russia - Slovakia – Group B 
Wednesday 15 June, 18.00 (Parigi): Romania - Switzerland – Group A 
Wednesday 15 June, 21.00 (Marsiglia): France - Albania – Group A 
Thursday 16 June, 15.00 (Lens): England - Wales – Group B 
Thursday 16 June, 18.00 (Lione): Ukraine - Northern Ireland – Group C
Thursday 16 June, 21.00 (St-Denis): Germany - Poland – Group C 
Friday 17 June, 15.00 (Tolosa): Italy - Sweden – Group E
Friday 17 June, 18.00 (St-Etienne): Czech Republic - Croatia – Group D 
Friday 17 June, 21.00 (Nizza): Spain - Turkey – Group D
Saturday 18 June, 15.00 (Bordeaux): Belgium - Republic of Ireland – Group E 
Saturday 18 June, 18.00 (Marsiglia): Iceland - Hungary – Group F 
Saturday 18 June, 21.00 (Parigi): Portugal - Austria – Group F

Sunday 19 June, 21.00 (Lille): Switzerland - France – Group A 
Sunday 19 June, 21.00 (Lione): Romania - Albania – Group A 
Monday 20 June, 21.00 (St-Etienne): Slovakia - England – Group B 
Monday  20 June, 21.00 (Tolosa): Russia - Wales – Group B 
Tuesday 21 June, 18.00 (Parigi): Northern Ireland - Germany – Group C
Tuesday 21 June, 18.00 (Marsiglia): Ukraine - Poland – Group C
Tuesday 21 June, 21.00 (Bordeaux): Croatia - Spain – Group D 
Tuesday 21 June, 21.00 (Lens): Czech Republic - Turkey – Group D
Wednesday 22 June, 18.00 (Lione): Hungary - Portugal – Group F 
Wednesday 22 June, 18.00 (St-Denis): Iceland - Austria – Group  F 
Wednesday 22 June, 21.00 (Nizza): Sweden - Belgium – Group E 
Wednesday 22 June, 21.00 (Lille): Italy - Republic of Ireland – Group E


Knockout phase: 
Round of 16
Saturday 25 June, 15.00 (St-Etienne): Second Group A - Seconda C – Game 1 
Saturday 25 June, 18.00 (Parigi): Winning B - Third A/C/D – Game 2 
Saturday 25 June, 21.00 (Lens): Winning D - Third B/E/F – Game 3 
Sunday 26 June, 15.00 (Lione): Winning A - Third C/D/E:– Game 4 
Sunday 26 June, 18.00 (Lille): Winning C - Third A/B/F – Game 5 
Sunday 26 June, 21.00 (Tolosa): Winning F - Second E – Game 6 
Monday 27 June, 18.00 (St-Denis): Winning E - Second D – Game 7 
Monday 27 June, 21.00 (Nizza): Second B - Second F – Game 8

Quarter finals
Thursday 30 June, 21.00 (Marsiglia): Winning Game 1 - Winning Game 3 – QF1 
Friday 1 July, 21.00 (Lille): Winning Game 2 - Winning Game 6 – QF2 
Saturday 2 July, 21.00 (Bordeaux): Winning Game 5 - Winning Game 7 – QF3
Sunday 3 July, 21.00 (St-Denis): Winning Game 4 - Winning Game 8 – QF4

Wednesday 6 July, 21.00 (Lione): Winning QF1 - Winning QF2 – SF1 
Thursday 7 July, 21.00 (Marsiglia): Winning QF3 - Winning QF4 – SF2

Sunday 10 July, 21.00 (St-Denis): Winning SF1 - Winning SF2